Gilbert Starleigh

Gilbert Starleigh Celebrates 12 Years of Service With Good News Outreach

This year, Gilbert Starleigh is celebrating 12 years of successful and productive collaboration with Good News Outreach. Good News Outreach is a faith based organization operating out of Tallahassee, Florida dedicated to reducing human suffering by providing food, shelter, and other aid to persons in need. They also provide services to the elderly, and food distribution for the hungry in addition to their ministry which has been in service for more than 40 years.

Gilbert’s role with Good News Outreach has been to assist formerly incarcerated men as they work toward becoming contributing members of society. By partnering with the Florida Department of Corrections, Good News Outreach works directly with men being released from prison to reestablish themselves in the community. Gilbert’s work with Good News centered on opening and managing a number of inmate transition homes for formerly incarcerated men called the Mercy Houses. These transition homes supply shelter, food, social support, employment, and educational opportunities through a network of community outreach resources and other ministries.

Today, Gilbert is registered as a Florida Department of Corrections Volunteer Minister. This designation gives him access to all prisons within the Florida Department of Corrections system. Having retired from day to day activities with Good News Outreach, Gilbert has turned his attention to serving as the director of Second Chance Ministries.

When asked about his service working with former prison inmates at risk of becoming homeless or returning to prison, Gilbert says, “It’s an opportunity to provide an important public service, but more than that, it’s immensely rewarding on a personal level.” 

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, as many as 15% of former prisoners nationwide will experience homelessness.

As a successful entrepreneur, Gilbert has long been in a unique position to help men being released from prison to find work, obtain housing, and to get their lives back on track. His in-depth understanding of the necessities of business and commerce has enabled him to help men at risk of failing to reestablish themselves as contributing members of society. By giving them practical and practicable advice and aid, Gilbert and his organization have made it possible for these individuals to escape prison recidivism and homelessness.

Gilbert’s business accomplishments include being a co-owner and director for Barnes & Starleigh Properties, and general manager for Gary Moulton Auto CTR in addition to his more than 15 years of fellowship at Fellowship Baptist Church.

Few people have done as much to make Tallahassee, FL a better place to live than Gilbert Starleigh, whose faith and dedication to helping his neighbors and those in need have produced demonstrable positive results.

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